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Coming back home

Eid mubarrak for every Muslims in the world :) may your hari raya is blessed as mine.
So, i celebrated ‘hari raya’ in my hometown, Pangkalpinang. Coming back to my parents’s house feels soooooo goooddddd.
This is our third hari raya, and the guests are still really crowd, and we’re happy for that! As my daddy joined the election as vice mayor, our guest list seems lengthen and endless, but really we’re totally impressed with that although my mom has flu since 3 days ago.

I’m gonna share some photos on the next post ;)

Ini cerita hari rayaku, tell me yours ;)

Hi there. It’s been a very long time since my last post ya hehe. So here i am now. Graduated from my highschool and intended to go to college.
Since i failed 3 opportunities to go to public university, i decided to take the private one, Trisakti University.
My major? Industrial engineering. Sounds scary and complicated? Well i think so, but i believe in “no pain no gain” and this is the last deal i have to study Industrial Things.
As my ambition is an entrepreneur, i think that Industrial Engineering is one of thousands major that i can take. By knowing the process of industry itself, i think i’m going one step closer to my future (amin)
So, wish me luck with this new routines. See you soon!

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